bid-KIT - Main features

With bid-KIT auction houses can easily manage their auctions online

It is an extremely flexible application that can be adapted to the most diverse needs; it allows for example to manage the following auction types:

  • simple bids collecting without any info about current winning bids;

  • online auction with current results visible;

  • live auction on the internet, synchronized with a floor auction;

  • e-live auction, only online, fully automated.

bid-KIT can be used both as a primary application for auction management, and as an accessory platform in combination with other systems; it also has automated tools for importing and exporting users and bids.

In the first case, the potential of the web application in terms of time saving  and efficiency can be fully exploited, in the second case the auction benefits from the visibility given by the auctions portal and by the circuit.


  • complete users, bids and auction management:  even offline bids and bids from other sources can be loaded through the back office interface;

  • more sales: customers see current winning bids, they will be notified when their bid is not the highest bid, in this way they are stimulated to counter-bid or place their  bids on other items;

  • huge time-saving post-auction management: the bid-KIT software is the place where all the bids are collected, so it is extremely easier to avoid errors and wrong assignments;

  • smoother live auction: as the bids are already loaded in the system, the auctioneer can start with the highest current bid; proxy bids and commissions are already stored in the system and they will generate automated counter-bids with proper sound signal;

  • customizable: if You need custom functionalities or add-ons we can develop every kind of personalization.