Bids Collection

In this type of auction, clients may enter their bids without information on bids going live on the public website.

This mode is used by auctioneers who are not in stand, can not or simply do not want to publish current results. Auction management with this option is quite simple and auction houses don’t need to keep the platform up to date with all the bids coming from various sources.

Bid collection is often used when bid-KIT does not represent the primary platform for auction management, but rather an accessory bids-source used in conjunction with other systems; the numismatic auctions are published in this way with the scope of exploiting the visibility given by portal.

An available and useful add-on is the automatic export tool. It can export bidders and bids in a data format suitable for direct import in third party auction softwares; it is configurable according to the different needs.

Various email bid notification modes for the auction house are also available.

Auction duration
The auction duration can vary from a few days to a few months, as the client wishes; it ends at a fixed moment in time (it is also possible to set multiple sessions with different closing times).