Invoices and other auction documents

This additional module allows the auction house to generate the auction invoices and other types of administrative documents.

A basic version is available, which can be customized according to the different  requirements and needs.

Once the auction is finished, a mass generation of all invoices is possible. It is possible to specify the users for which the invoices will not be issued as well as generating invoices in a second time, if there are post-auction purchases or variations.

Once the invoices are generated, they can be changed individually, for example to adjust the buyer’s premium fee to be applied to the individual buyer or to vary the shipping costs.

The generated invoices can be selected and sent by e-mail directly from the software.

This module provides the management of the consignors, which can be linked  to the single items during auction importing process. Different types of reports and administrative documents are available.

Other auction documents
This module can also generate the auctioneers register and the labels, to be printed, for the single items.

We are aware that the auction documents,  administrative or for internal use, can vary according to the different needs; so we have decided  to provide a basic version, customizable.